My Top 3 Favorite Fall Fashion Trends 2016!

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Lets just be honest here, Fall fever has hit me hard because #thatpumpkinspicelife - I know I'm not alone ladies! But trailing right behind all things pumpkin spice, Fall fashion is nothing short of gorgeous this year. I am loving everything about it, and its making my heart all warm and fuzzy. So pretty much the pumpkin spice of fashion is what I am getting at. I've put together a list of what I think are the top Fall Fashion Trends of 2016 - hope you love them as much as I do! 

Disclaimer: My vendors hate me this week, we received some restocks but in the craziness of Fall transitions in the fashion/vendor world - apparently everything we LOVE and order gets put on backorder. We do have everything I am listing either in stock OR on its way! Make sure to follow us on all social media channels and sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on when all Fall New Arrivals will be dropping! 

I've noticed a bit of a trend this year for the Fall color palette and am guessing it will stay along the lines of the classic grey, brown and taupe shades but I am loving the deep teals, rust, wine and raisin shades! 

Annnnnnnd here are my favorite Fall Fashion Trends of 2016!

1. DUSTERS for days! For one, a duster can be paired with pretty much anything. Skinnies and a graphic tee to be more on the casual side, or a swing dress and booties for a night out. Dusters are perfect for those weird in-between weather kind of days, being on the lighter side but still warmer than just going with a tee. Another plus about dusters are the length, usually worn in varying lengths of just below the knee to even ankle length, they will create a visual of you being taller. Being on the shorter side of 5'4 - taller is a plus for me! If you are really tall and still want to rock a duster, you totally can!  Dusters are so easy to throw on and still look stylish. If you are like me, easy is key! 

2. Criss Cross and Cage Detailing - There has never been an easier way to spice up an outfit than this trend! We saw it move in towards the end of summer and its looking like its here to stay heading on into Fall. You can get this look in a few different ways - we have a top with it already sewn in as a detail but you can also purchase criss cross and caged bralettes to throw on under any tops, tees or dresses you currently have to achieve this look just as easily. The best way to add sass & class!

3. Frayed Hem Denim -  I will be the first person to admit that when I saw this trending for the upcoming Fall season I was thinking - NOPE. If you are in the same boat, I promise this will grow on you! However I only like this trend if the denim is skinny. But to each their own, I've seen both! As far as your shoe choice with these - the denim should either come to your ankle or sit an inch or so above, making them versatile to wear with booties or your favorite pair of heels! I've even worn mine with my chucks and was in love! If you have an old pair of skinnies and want to try this out before making a purchase - try a little DIY and cut them off to test it out! (Our denim with this detail should be here by 10/1! Pictured is from Pinterest to give you a visual!) 

Of course I have a few other favorites that deserve at least an honorable mention:

1. Plaid! Plaid is a classic we could never forget about! Button ups, cardigans, dresses, scarves and tops.

2. Blanket Scarves! From solid colors to prints and patterns, you NEED.

3. Chokers! Yep they are back and sticking around it seems! 

4. Boots and Booties! From above the knee to flats, block heels to fringe, so many variations and not enough in my shoe fund. (Cough, cough - SCOTT)

5. Another trend we see hanging on from the Summer fashion season is the off the shoulder look. We have an amazing top coming that can be worn either off the shoulder or pulled up to sit on your shoulders. Watch for it, its coming from our very favorite private label designer! We also have black and burgundy off the shoulder options available now. 

Thanks for following along babes! I wanna hear what your FAV Fall trends and pieces in your closet are!


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