Boutique Shopping VS Shopping Large Retailers

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Hello Babes! Todays post is a topic that as a small boutique owner is pretty important for me. Boutique shopping vs shopping at large retailers. Now while I would NEVER steer you away from our beloved Target (and I will never claim I don't shop there, they have some killer workout clothes!) but I will give you my top reasons as to why even before I opened my shop I have always loved Boutique shopping vs shopping large retailers. 

1. Individuality - as a boutique owner I spend HOURS upon HOURS selecting the brands and styles I will carry in my shop. You can bet I am doing all this with you in mind. I don't want my customers stopping into your nearest coffee shop or showing up to work in the same outfits as everyone else. Take advantage of my hard work spent searching for these private labels and designs!

2. Quality - This is key for me! It has taken tons of trial and error in this business to figure out what I want to sell and what labels and designs I want to carry. A lot of ordering and asking for feedback, a lot of sending back orders from designers that I wasn't happy with and yes of course a lot of me keeping one of EVERYTHING to wear myself because what better way to test these items out right?!? Try explaining that to my husband. I carry small amounts of each item, so I want great quality. Large retailers are opposite. They order in large masses to send out to stores everywhere and spend a lot less per item than boutiques do. I buy as much as I can of everything made in the USA. Otherwise, everything else is from trusted companies that I have done research on. When my items come in - Made in the USA or not - I inspect each and every piece before it is added to the site and made available for you to buy.

3. Supporting Small business locally and elsewhere - When you buy from me, you are not only helping to support my store and keep my dream alive, you are helping local and USA economy. Our Blush B Exclusive lines are all lines created and manufactured in the USA. From here in Utah to Texas to Louisiana - you are supporting small business owners with dreams everywhere. 

4. Customer Service - When you shop boutiques most of the time if you have an issue you are dealing directly with the owner or someone very close to them. Meaning your issue will always be resolved quickly and without you needing to "contact so and so in the corporate office and they will get back to you within 3-5 business days."  Boutiques thrive on return customer business. I personally LOVE creating and developing relationships with my customers near and far. I thrive on having great customer service and making someone feel beautiful and important. The best feeling in the world for me is when I hear from all of you Babes that you have loved your purchase or got compliments on your outfits everywhere you went! My customers (and this goes for most boutiques and boutique owners I know) are my number 1 priority. From the beginning of your experience with Blush to your Checkout process and receiving your orders I will always strive to create an easy and fun experience for you. 

And lastly lets talk about price point - this has been something I have heard so many people talk about. YES it can cost a little more to shop boutiques sometimes. Not always but yes it can. My Blush B Exclusive lines all cost a bit more than the rest because they are USA made. The bottom line is it costs more to manufacture in the US. But to me this is worth it. To support our hometowns and our Country. To keep the money in our economy on American soil is what I think every company should strive for. Just remember when you are buying from boutiques as compared to large retailers - you are paying 2-5 dollars more in product and customer service quality, a closer relationship to the actual people you are buying from resulting is fast, friendly service. 

And that Babes is why I recommend Boutique Shopping vs. Shopping Large Retailers and why I hope you do too! 


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